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By Joel Olson

Olson (political technology, Northern Arizona U.) examines the yank obsession with race in keeping with its politics. He reveals that regardless of protests via whites that the USA is a democracy, in truth it truly is divided into those that benefit from the advantages of complete citizenship and others who don't. Olson works throughout the historic and political historical past of

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13 Further, racial orders have varied signiWcantly within modernity. Race in the United States differs from race in Europe because the origins of each system are different, as are the uses toward which race is put. This is true even though both systems are based on white dominance and Black subordination. The European concept of race grew out of colonialism. As Hannah Arendt notes, European racism has served as a bridge connecting nationalism and imperialism, two ideologies that are otherwise internally contradictory.

34 But since planters made up only a small percentage of the whites, workers effectively policed workers. Northern white labor also policed the slaves by enforcing the fugitive slave law, sharing the same political party with Southern elites, acquiescing to Southern dominance of the national government, and degrading free Black Northerners. ”35 In this way a unique system of “docilityutility” was achieved that maximized the political obedience and economic usefulness of all workers. This system is reproduced by more than conscious intent and tacit consent.

The ancient world, for example, had no conception of it. Ancient Greeks divided humanity into the civilized and the barbarian, but this distinction turned on whether a people had established a polis and were appropriately “political,” not on the putatively innate characteristics of barbarian or citizen. Similarly, faith A POLITICAL THEORY OF RACE – 7 and heresy cleaved medieval Europe, but the split was determined by whether or not a person worshipped the appropriate faith. 13 Further, racial orders have varied signiWcantly within modernity.

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