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By Robert Alter

"A Lion for romance is a version of severe biography—a attention-grabbing biography of a desirable man." (Larry McMurty Washington Star)

"The ebook of A Lion for romance, by means of Robert regulate with the collaboration of his spouse, Carol Cosman, provides eventually a very good, perceptive, concise serious biography of Stendhal, written with a readability and reliable experience necessary of its subject...Alter and Cosman...wear their erudition with changing into lightness." (John Simon New Leader)

"This very good brief biography...brings out either the charms and the complexities of Stendhal. The tone of the booklet is discreetly admiring, yet ironic sufficient whilst want be to remind one of many saving and consummate irony of its subject." (John Sturrock long island occasions e-book Review)

"A Lion for romance is a the best option instance of a unprecedented and tough severe style: a biography which chronicles and translates improvement of a personality of advanced inventive genius, and whilst introduces a lucid severe analyzing of his works." (Julia Epstein Washington publish booklet World)

"[An] first-class and balanced biography." (Anita Brookner occasions Literary complement)

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One chilly evening, probably during the cold months of 1 794-95, he hurried out of his house as darkness was falling, under the pretext of going to join his great-aunt Elisabeth, his sole remaining ally in the family, who was vis­ iting with a cousin, Mme Colomb. Instead of walking directly to Mme Colomb's, he slipped off to St. Andre Church, where a meeting of the Jacobin Society was in progress. Once again, Henri coaches himself to play a heroic Roman role, imagining as he approaches the church that one day he will be another Cincinnatus or Camillus, a valorous savior of his people by the might of his sword.

Andre, Henri found himself in a crowded room filled with a motley variety of shabbil�' dressed, malodo­ rous members of the lower class carrying on an unruly general discussion with frequent interruptions of the speakers. From the crowd of plebeians, the fifty-three-year-old Stendhal, in recalling the episode, singles out only one group: "I discovered there many women of the lowest class . . badly dressed women" ( Brulard, chap. 1 5 ) . " As Stendhal tells us several times in Henry Brulard, there is a continual split in his consciousness between democratic principle and aristocratic pro­ pensity.

Adopts a role from the books he has read, but when the moment of action comes, he is forced to recognize an unbridgeable gap bet\\·een his real nature and the part he would like to pia�·. \· sets as his goal in the real world of doings and undoings. One ma�· sti ll ,,·onder wh�· g ui l t toward his grandfather should be pre­ sented here as the c ri r i c a l l � · dis:1hling force or wh�· Stendh:1l's accou nt of the episode l i ngers :1s it docs over the accident with the red clay ball. It w:1s, one should e m ph:1s i zc, in this :1ff:1ir of the forged note that young Henri was first clcarl�· disabused of the faith he had pl:lccd in his beloved grandfather.

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