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By Mikhail Tal, Karsten Müller

THE 7th version OF TAL’S vintage WORK

“Mikhail Tal’s greatest account of his international championship fit victory is among the masterpieces of the golden age of annotation – prior to insights and emotions and flashes of genius have been lowered to mere strikes and Informant symbols. this can be easily the easiest e-book written a few global championship fit by way of a contestant. That shouldn’t be a shock simply because Tal was once the best author to develop into global champion.”

– foreign Grandmaster and renowned chess columnist Andy Soltis.

In 1960 Mikhail Botvinnik was once the pillar of “scientific” chess and the iron-willed champion of the area. The younger attacking genius Mikhail Tal, the “Wizard of Riga,” positioned the magic again into the sport by means of defeating Botvinnik with impressive strategies in a single of the main dramatic and celebrated global championship suits of all time.

This is Tal’s personal vintage paintings at the contest. In it he units the degree and explains each of the 21 video games, telling either the on- and off-the-board tale of this mammoth conflict of kinds and thought.

This 7th variation is supplemented through German grandmaster Karsten Müller’s new Foreword and a relocating essay through former USCF govt Director Al Lawrence.

Find out why this booklet is generally considered as the most effective chess books each written…

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In end . ..

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F5!. J:te4 (D) question of time. The striking move 20 'iVxe4 is clearly also inadequate. f1. 22 'it'f2 Trying to take a hand in the fight, the white king marches to his death. •. b8 Having done its work on one diagonal, the bishop transfers to the neighbouring one, which White cannot defend. The threat is 23 ... ~h2. 23 f4 (D) 23 l:thl ~g5 24 g4 g6 is equally hopeless, but now comes the denouement. B 18 Itadl? Another move made from so-called 'general considerations', but which proves to be the decisive mistake.

42 CHESS EXPLAINED: THE FRENCH DEFENCE 17~f4 One can only envy the white queen's irrepressible energy. Soon it will tum up on the h2-square, far from the centre. In principle, the modest 17 ~e2 is more in the spirit of the position, but then 17 ... ttJd6! (17 ... lvanov pointed out. Instead, decentralizing the knight by 17 ttJh2 allows the breakthrough 17 ... d4 (or 17 ... ~g7 18 ttJg4 d4). Jig7 (D) In the event of 17 ... Jid6, the queen is ready to tum to the queenside by 18 ~a4, and in answer to 17 ...

Looks more natural, immediately making use of the vacated b7-square. 23 'iVxh7 f6 Preparing by ... e5 to establish a solid central pawn configuration. The control of the open dfile compensates for Black's pawn weaknesses, although he cannot establish full equality, because of the constant need to concern himself with the safety of his king. 24 'iVhS Taking control of the d1-square, so as to prevent the likely exchange of rooks on the back rank. b3 was preferable, keeping the enemy king in the danger zone.

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